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Gli eventi

Qui troverete tutte le informazioni relative ai prossimi eventi TAP, sia nei Paesi interessati dal progetto, sia a livello internazionale.


Conference: 18th roundtable with the government of Greece by the Economist

9 luglio 2014

TAP to participate in a panel discussion on natural gas and to sponsor the event.

Cadastre updates in Greece

07.07.2014 - 08.08.2014

Land owners and users from municipalities of Kastoria, Argos Orestiko,Nestorio, Eordaia, Amyntaio, Naousa, Edessa, Skydra, Pella, Chalkidonato are invited to visit the Cadastral Survey Offices operated by TAP's local subcontractor TOPMAPS J/V.

TAP route changes: consultation with communities in Greece

2 luglio 2014

TAP will present possible pipeline route changes to the affected communities in Greece and will gather their views.